BABEYER Dog Bike Basket

BABEYER Dog Bike Basket Review

BABEYER Dog Bike Basket
BABEYER Dog Bike Basket
Materials and Durability
What I Like
Stylish design
High quality materials and excellent durability
Reflective strips for safety
Very easy to use and versatile
Designed for use in all weather
Expandable sides
What I Don't Like
Should straps could be more padded
Not waterproof
My Overall Rating
BABEYER Dog Bike Basket Review


I don’t know about you but I love to be able to take my dog with me when I go out as much as possible. If you’re an avid cyclist then you may have considered buying a dog basket that allows you to take your pet on adventures.

But the market is flooded with these products so it’s hard to tell the good from the bad and the downright ugly. After some research, I came across the BABEYER Dog Bike Basket which is bursting with handy features.

Not only this but the BABEYER Dog Bike Basket offers stability, safety and comfort in equal measures and is incredibly easy to use. In this BABEYER Dog Bike Basket review, I’ll give you some more information on what to expect and help you decide whether this is the right dog bike basket for you and your pet.



Are Pet Bike Carrier Baskets Good for my Pet’s Health? – A Veterinary Professional’s Perspective

Jason Haley - Veterinary Professional
Jason Haley – Veterinary Professional

As a veterinary professional, I often encounter pet owners who are eager to involve their furry companions in various activities, including cycling. Pet bike carrier baskets can be a delightful way to include your pet on your cycling adventures, but it is crucial to consider the health implications for your pet. From a veterinary standpoint, these carriers must ensure the safety and comfort of the animal to be deemed beneficial for their health.

Firstly, the design of the carrier basket plays a significant role in determining its suitability for your pet. It should be sturdy, well-ventilated, and of an appropriate size to accommodate your pet without causing undue stress or discomfort. A cramped or poorly ventilated basket can lead to overheating or anxiety, which are detrimental to your pet’s well-being. Additionally, the basket should have a secure fastening mechanism to prevent any risk of your pet escaping or falling out during the ride, which could lead to injury.

Moreover, the pet’s temperament and health status should be taken into account. Not all pets are suited for travel in a bike carrier basket; some may find the experience overwhelming or frightening. Pets with certain health conditions or physical limitations may not cope well with the motion or the duration of a bike ride. It is advisable to gradually acclimatise your pet to the carrier and undertake short trips to begin with, monitoring their response closely. If your pet exhibits signs of distress or discomfort, it would be prudent to reconsider this mode of transportation.

In conclusion, while pet bike carrier baskets can be a fun and engaging way for pets and their owners to explore together, they must be selected and used with the utmost consideration for the animal’s health and safety. Always consult with your veterinary professional before embarking on new activities with your pet, especially those that involve a significant change in their environment or routine.

Materials And Durability

BABEYER Dog Bike Basket Features

Straight off the bat, the BABEYER Dog Bike Basket really stood out because of its durable design. It’s made from high quality synthetic materials that don’t lose their shape over time. Since the BABEYER Dog Bike Basket is designed for small to medium sized dogs, this durability is essential and gives you greater peace of mind when using it.

On the inside of the basket, you’ll find a removable pad. This is designed for your dog’s comfort and its most notable feature is that it’s dual-sided. The smooth side, which the manufacturer calls the cool side, is designed for use in hot weather while you can flip it over to reveal a cosy fleece side for winter.

The windows on the BABEYER Dog Bike Basket are made from a mesh material which ensures excellent breathability.

Another thing that I noticed, especially when checking out user reviews on the BABEYER Dog Bike Basket was that it’s incredibly stable and sturdy once attached to the bike. I think this is a testament to the materials and how robust they are, as well as the quality of the workmanship that’s gone into creating this product.

Ease of Use

BABEYER Pet Carrier Backpack Key Features

Something that really caught my attention when looking at the BABEYER Dog Bike Basket was how simple it was to use. I’ve seen some pet carrier products that are laden with fiddly buckles and straps and can take ages to figure out.

When I want to take my pet out on a bike ride, I want to get on the road as soon as possible. With the user-friendly design, you’re able to securely attach the basket to your bicycle handlebars in seconds.

This is achieved with the use of simple buckles and the whole thing can be secured with extra strong velcro. There’s no messing about but, even though it only takes a short time to install, the BABEYER Dog Bike Basket is super secure and safe.

In terms of actually getting your pet inside the basket, I know that some owners may find this difficult. However, the BABEYER Dog Bike Basket benefits from four openings, making it much easier to get even the most stubborn pets inside. That said, if your pet is nervous about using a product like this, it is best to take your time and offer the relevant training so that the animal feels more at ease.




BABEYER Dog Bike Basket Practicalities

There are so many features that make the BABEYER Dog Bike Basket a worthwhile purchase, especially when you consider the somewhat affordable price tag. For starters, this basket can be completely folded down when not in use so it doesn’t take up a lot of room in storage. Moreover, it comes with a protective storage bag which is a nice additional touch.

I really like the fact that the BABEYER Dog Bike Basket is equipped with reflective strips which adds to your personal safety when using the basket in low light or at night. In terms of safety, they’ve left nothing out and there’s also a safety leash on the inside of the basket to prevent your pet from escaping.

The versatility of the BABEYER Dog Bike Basket is second to none. Not only can it be used as a bike basket but it doubles as a pet carrier and can even be used as a car seat.

When carrying the basket, there is a long strap for carrying over one shoulder or two wide backpack style straps which are great for better distributing the weight. These backpack straps offer a fair amount of padding for comfort although I have seen products where the strap padding is far more generous.

The top opening (there are four in all; two on the sides, one at the front and one on top) also benefits from a rain cover. However, this isn’t a water resistant cover, rather just a fabric flap that covers the mesh. This makes the BABEYER Dog Bike Basket suitable for use in light rain but isn’t ideal when the weather really takes a turn for the worst.

Another feature I really like is the side pockets which allow you to store yours and your pet’s most essential items. If you want to avoid having to take an extra bag out with you then this is a welcome feature.

The BABEYER Dog Bike Basket is designed for pets that weigh up to 8 kg and measures 35 cm x 26 cm x 34 cm. It’s a pretty decent size as it stands but knowing that the sides can be expanding is great if your pet likes to stretch out or simply wants a little extra space.

Pros and Cons

  • Stylish design
  • High quality materials and excellent durability
  • Reflective strips for safety
  • Very easy to use and versatile
  • Designed for use in all weather
  • Expandable sides
  • Should straps could be more padded
  • Not waterproof


Is The BABEYER Dog Bike Basket Right For You?

BABEYER Dog Bike Basket Conclusion

If you are looking for a viable way to take your pet on bike rides without having to worry about comfort, safety or practicalities then the BABEYER Dog Bike Basket might be right for you.

I think that this dog bike basket is ideal for pet owners that need convenience thanks to how easy it is to install and how versatile it is. What’s more, with additional features such as reflective strips and storage pockets, it’s got everything you need to make life simple.

For pets that are usually a little timid when it comes to using a basket like this, the four openings can make it feel much more open and airier and may be a good way to encourage your dog to feel less scared.

It’s worth noting that the BABEYER Dog Bike Basket is designed for pets up to 8 kg in weight, so it isn’t suitable for larger dogs.

Where Should I Purchase the BABEYER Dog Bike Basket



BABEYER Dog Bike Basket, Expandable Soft-Sided Bicycle Pet Carrier Backpack with 4 Open Doors, 4 Mesh Windows for Small Dog Cat Puppies-Grey
  • Quick Installation Removal: Our dog bike basket’s simple and convenient quick buckle design and shoulder straps can directly fix the dog carrier to the bicycle handlebar, powerful Velcro on the back making it stable and firm in the position of the bicycle basket. Dog Bike Carrier Measures: 34 cm L x 26 cm x 35 cm H. Tips:Please make sure that your dog's weight is between 4.5- 8 kg
  • Safe & Comfort Pet Bike Basket: Inside safety tether clips to your dog’s harness can keep it safe during the ride, the bottom fleece pad makes it more comfortable for the dog to stay in the dog bike basket, the pad is washable and easy to clean
  • Pet-Friendly Design: 4 ways to open dog bicycle basket from 4 direction, which makes more convenient and safer to put your dog cat in or out. 4 mesh window acts as cooling air vent, making sure that your dog doesn’t get overheated. Dog bike basket backpack reflective tapes can increase safety for your pet when using at night
  • Expansion Dog Bike Basket: The dog bicycle basket right sides expandable to create extra room of our spacious pet bag for your cats or dogs to stay comfortable, the left side pocket for you to store folding dog bowls, toys, snacks, poop bags, etc. It is easy to fold into one piece for storage in the drawstring bag (included)
  • Multifunctional and Practical: The flap on the top can cover the dog in case of sudden rain and avoid getting wet. This bag is not only a bicycle pet bag, but also can be used as a pet carrier backpack, pet carrier shoulder bag, meet your different needs

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