Best Joint Supplement For Dogs In The UK

5 Best Joint Supplement For Dogs In The UK

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Dog’s Joints Healthy: Top 5 Supplements in the UK

5 Best Joint Supplement For Dogs In The UK

Taking care of your dog’s health is one of the most important things you can do as an owner. Joint problems can affect all breeds of dog and all sizes although they are more common in larger breeds and may also become a problem as your pet gets older.

It is recommended that certain breeds take joint supplements as a matter of course as they are more susceptible to problems. But I would strongly suggest offering these supplements regardless of the age or breed of your pooch. After all, prevention is better than cure and if you can start giving your dog joint supplements before they experience problems, that will ensure their health and comfort in later life.

However, even in cases where a dog is already experiencing joint pain, these supplements can provide effective relief thanks to ingredients such as anti-inflammatories.

Choosing the right joint supplements for dogs in the UK is incredibly important as you need to make sure you’re giving your dog something that will be effective for them and that meets their needs. If you’re new to dog joint supplements then don’t worry, this guide contains all the information you need.

Understanding Joint Supplements For Dogs

What Are Joint Supplements?

5 Best Joint Supplement For Dogs

Joint supplements for dogs can either come in a liquid form or as tablets and, generally speaking, are safe to use with other medications your pet might be taking. These supplements are usually recommended for larger breeds or as dogs start getting older when joint problems are more likely.

They are designed as a means of offering additional support to the joints for dogs that may struggle to maintain healthy joints on their own. This could be because of various things including the natural ability to produce proteins that keep the joints strong and healthy.

Joint supplements keep the joints healthy in many ways. For example, they ensure that the cartilage remains healthy and will also maintain a good level of joint fluid so your dog can move with ease. What’s more, many products also contain anti-inflammatory ingredients which are essential for conditions such as arthritis.

Why Give Joint Supplements To Dogs?

In many instances, owners may give joint supplements to their dogs as a preventative measure to lower the risk of issues in the future. For larger dogs that carry a lot of weight, there is a greater risk of conditions such as arthritis so taking these supplements can be a way to lessen this risk.

While some vets will recommend starting joint supplements in older dogs, there may be times that they are given to young dogs if they have sustained an injury.

Types Of Joint Supplements For Dogs

As I mentioned earlier, joint supplements may come in a liquid form but they can also be purchased as tablets. I would recommend looking for the chewable tablets as these are often more pleasant for your dog to take. Although this will depend on your dog.

You’ll also notice that different joint supplements contain different ingredients but I will go into more detail on this later in this guide.

Common Joint Issues In Dogs

If the joints are not properly cared for, there is a risk that your dog will develop a range of problems. These may occur on their own or as multiple conditions. In order to understand why your dog needs to take supplements, it can help to get a better understanding of the conditions you’re trying to prevent.

Arthritis In Dogs

Common Joint Issues In Dogs

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease of the joints that causes significant pain and discomfort as well as making it more difficult to move due to stiffness. The condition occurs because the cartilage around the joints loses its smoothness, resulting in the bones rubbing together.

While you won’t be able to see any physical symptoms, you may notice changes to your dog’s behaviour which could include any of the following:

  • Limping when walking, particularly after exercise
  • Your dog may chew or lick areas that he or she is experiencing pain
  • When your dog stands, walks or makes other movements, you might notice that they are in visible pain
  • Your dog may move more slowly (many people associate this with age but it could be a symptom of arthritis)
  • Changes to your dog’s mood. He or she may seem more irritable or may not respond well to being touched.
  • Difficulty getting comfortable when lying down or having trouble getting up. You may also notice that your dog seems more tired than usual.

Hip Dysplasia In Dogs

Hip Dysplasia In DogsHip dysplasia is a joint condition in which the dog’s hips do not fit together as they should which results in instability, pain and difficulty moving. This is a condition that usually develops during puppyhood and can affect one or both hips.

Dogs whose parents developed hip dysplasia are more likely to develop the condition as well but it can occur randomly. It’s also more common in medium to large breeds and should be treated with various methods such as pain relief medication, exercise and weight control.

While most owners will notice hip dysplasia in their dogs while they are still young, there are some cases where the condition is relatively mild and doesn’t get detected until the dog is older. This usually happens when they start experiencing arthritic symptoms.

Some of the symptoms you may notice in a dog that has hip dysplasia can include:

  • Limping
  • Stiffness
  • When running, the two hind legs move at the same time as opposed to independently
  • Pain
  • Difficulty getting up
  • Wobbling
  • Not wanting to go for walks
  • Not a lot of weight around the hips owing to weak muscles in the area

Joint Pain In Dogs

Dogs of any age can develop pain in the joints although it is more common as they get older. It can be caused by one of the conditions I have talked about above but it may also be general pain.

Stiffness In Dogs

Joint stiffness is a common problem for many dogs and is often characterised by stiff movements or you may notice that your dog refuses to move as often simply because it is difficult. What’s more, a lot of dogs will find it more of a challenge to tackle stairs and as a result of not moving as much, they could gain weight.

It can be hard to spot stiffness in dogs because there aren’t many outward symptoms. However, it is common to notice behavioural changes or your dog becoming more irritable than normal. For example, whimpering when being touched or avoiding being touched at all.

Choosing The Best Joint Supplement For Dogs

There are differences between the joint supplements for dogs you’ll find on the market so it’s important to do your research before choosing one. Getting it right means the most benefits for your dog, especially considering that supplements can contain different ingredients designed to do different things.

Factors To Consider

Choosing The Best Joint Supplement For Dogs

When choosing a joint supplement for your dog, it’s really important to research each potential product thoroughly. Different brands will favour different ingredients and even though there are a few specific ingredients that will be used, they may be added in different concentrations so be sure to check this out.

I would also recommend reading through reviews as there’s nothing quite as reliable as the experience of people that have already used a product. Moreover, it’s worth staying with trusted and well established brands.

While joint supplements are normally beneficial, as with anything, there could be side effects. It’s always best to speak to your vet to get tailored advice and check that the product doesn’t contain any ingredients that your dog is allergic to or that might interact with any medications he or she is taking. While this is unlikely, it is possible. The most common side effects are diarrhoea, vomiting and a loss of appetite.

Ingredients To Look For

Ingredients To Look For

One of the most important things to consider when buying dog joint supplements is the ingredients they contain. There are many ingredients you might see; here are some of the most important and what they’re benefits are:

  • Glucosamine hydrochloride is an essential ingredient that helps to stimulate the growth of new cartilage.
  • Chondroitin sulphate is often used alongside glucosamine hydrochloride and is a compound that’s found in your dog’s joint cartilage. When used in a supplement it will help to protect the cartilage, absorb shock and provide lubrication as well as stimulating new cartilage growth.
  • Green lipped mussels are often added as an anti-inflammatory ingredient.
  • MSM is another anti-inflammatory ingredient that is also beneficial because it helps to flush waste from the cells and acts as an antioxidant.
  • Hyaluronic acid can help to reduce swelling but is also often included because of its ability to lubricate the joints.

You may also notice that a lot of joint supplements boast that they contain omega-3 fatty acids but there are certain ones that will be more beneficial to your dog. For example, you want to look out for things like DHA and EPA which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Packaging And Palatability

Earlier, I touched upon the fact the dog joint supplements come in various forms. Which is best will depend on your dog; some prefer a chewable tablet while others do better with a liquid. There are even dog foods that contain joint supplements. It’s essential to find something that’s palatable for your dog otherwise you’ll struggle to get them to take it.

It can also be useful to assess the packaging to make sure that it is easy to use but that your dog will not be able to interfere with it and consume the supplement when your back is turned. Of course, keeping the product out of the dog’s reach is always the best idea.

Recommendations For Joint Supplements For Dogs In The UK

I’ve been researching dog joint supplements and I can tell you that there are a lot on the market. This can make it tricky to choose a suitable product which is why I’ve listed some of the most trusted and effective products currently available.

1. YuMove Dog Young – Adult – Senior

If you’re looking for a supplement that’s going to act fast then YuMove Adult is a great choice as it’s clinically proven to work in just six weeks. What’s more, this is a reputable and trusted brand that is recommended by vets.

This supplement contains all of the most important ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin and green lipped mussels which provide essential omega-3 fatty acids. This aids fluid movement of the joints, making this an ideal supplement for dogs that are experiencing stiffness.

The product promises to aid mobility and provide comfort for your dog from painful joints and, looking at user reviews, it works incredibly well. The supplement comes in tablet form and you can purchase it in batches of 60, 120 and 300 which is great if you want to test the waters and see how well it works for your dog.

YuMOVE Senior Dog | High Strength Joint Supplement for Older, Stiff Dogs with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Green Lipped Mussel | Aged 9+ | 120 Tablets,Package may vary
  • Triple-action formula eases (occasional) stiffness, supporting joint structure and promoting mobility in senior dogs.
  • Scientifically proven to work in 6 weeks.*
  • Plant based Glucosamine provides basic building blocks of cartilage helping to maintain joint structure.
  • GLM is a source of Chondroitin, which helps to maintain healthy joints.
  • YuMOVE is the UK’s no.1 vet-recommended joint supplement brand.**

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2. JOINTSURE Joint Support Supplements For Dogs

JOINTSURE joint support is a tablet supplement that is intended for older dogs that are experiencing joint pain and stiffness. The main ingredient is glucosamine which promotes improved joint function but it also contains green lipped mussels, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin and even vitamins C and E.

What I like about this supplement is that it comes with full certification and is produced here in the UK under strict conditions so you know you’re getting the best quality. This is something that I always look for when choosing a supplement.

This is a highly concentrated formula that has had proven results and is perfect if you’re looking to put a spring back in your dog’s step. What’s more, the price of these tablets is very competitive.

The dosage for the supplement varies depending on the size of the dog and I like that the tablets can easily be crushed up into the food if the dog refuses to take them whole.

JOINTSURE Joint Support Supplements for Dogs – 300 Tabs, Aids Stiff Joints, Supports Joint Structure & Maintains Mobility in Adult/Senior Dogs | Advanced Formula Helps Arthritis Relief (pack varies)
  • 💫 MULTI FUNCTIONAL: Bring back the spring in your hounds step with our multi functional premium tablets for adult & senior dogs. Make sure to check the recommended serving size for your pet and simply crumble into food!
  • 💪 GREAT FOR: A premium, natural formula for stiff & older dogs. Our advance formula will aid with maintaining joint mobility, sooth joint stiffness & support joint structure.
  • 🐶 7 ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Green Lipped Mussel, Glucosamine, Natural Chondroitin, Vitamins C and E, Manganese & Hyaluronic Acid. Formulated to treat stiffness while supporting & maintaining normal joint function.
  • ✔️ QUALITY ASSURED: Our Dog Supplements are manufactured in our UK Facility. We hold GMP & the internationally recognised ISO 9001 Certification, meaning we maintain quality & consistency across all of our products.
  • 💡 ABOUT JOINTSURE: For over 30 years Vetwell Scientific have been manufacturing premium animal health supplements that have earned the trust of champion breeders & owners nationwide. Packaging may differ.

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3. Vetzyme | High Strength Flexible Joint Support Supplements For Senior Dogs

Some dogs do not take kindly to having flavourless tablets so I was delighted to find these supplements that come in the form of a tasty chicken treat. They’re designed for senior dogs and will target both pain and stiffness in the joints.

As with most products, Vetzyme contains glucosamine as the main ingredient but rather than green lipped mussels, this one provides omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. What I thought was most impressive was that owners have seen noticeable improvements within just days of administering the supplements.

One thing I did notice is that the pack size isn’t as generous as some other products with a choice of either 30 or 90 treats which could end up working out more expensive in the long run, compared to buying the 300 packs of JOINTSURE, for example.

Vetzyme High Strength Flexible Joint Supplements for Senior Dogs (90 Tablets) - Hip and Joint Care with Chondroitin and Glucosamine, Tasty Chicken Flavour
  • HIGH-STRENGTH DOG JOINT SUPPLEMENTS - Scientifically formulated with Glucosamine and Chondroitin which help to maintain healthy joint cartilage, tendons and ligaments, lubricating the joints to enable easier movement
  • SUITABLE FOR ADULT DOGS - This tasty once a day tablet is ideal for senior dogs and larger breeds, which are more prone to joint problems
  • DIRECTIONS - Administer daily to supplement your pet's normal diet. See pack for full instructions
  • HIP & JOINT CARE FOR DOGS - Supports the formation and rebuilding of cartilage, tendons and ligaments. MSM (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane) and Omega 3 fatty acids also help reduce inflammation and increase elasticity around the joints, enabling easier movement
  • FITNESS & VITALITY - Provides a natural source of B-complex vitamins that help to guard against nervousness and promote fitness and vitality

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4. YuMove Daily Bites For Senior Dogs

Another of the YuMove products that impressed me were the one a day daily bites for senior dogs. These come in different strengths for different dog sizes so it’s easy to make sure your pet is getting the right level of supplements.

As the UK’s leading provider of joint supplements for dogs, I feel as though this is a brand I can trust and the fact that they contain all the same ingredients as the tablets is brilliant. But these bites are ideal for dogs who won’t take tablets and since they’re suitable for all life stages, you can use them for all dogs.

The YuMove Daily Bites will help to improve the movement of the joints and also ensure good joint structure. If your dog is suffering from pain or stiffness, they’ll get to work quickly, providing effective relief.

YuMOVE Daily Bites For Senior Dogs | Joint Supplement for Older, Stiff Dogs, with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Green Lipped Mussel | Aged 9+ | 60 Chews
  • Yumove Daily Bites For Senior Dogs Joint Supplement For Older Stiff Dogs With Glucosamine Chondroitin Green Lipped Mussel Aged 9 60 Chews
  • YuMOVE Daily Bites For Senior Dogs Joint Supplement for Older Stiff Dogs with Glucosamine Chondroitin Green Lipped Mussel Aged 9 60 Chews
  • Brand: Yumove
  • White

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5. Natural Dog Company

I know a lot of people are keen to buy products that are made with natural ingredients so I was very excited to check out these hip and joint supplements from the Natural Dog Company. This is a trusted US brand that comes with a vet recommendation which gives you excellent peace of mind.

The supplement comes in a tasty chew form which makes feeding it to your dog so much simpler. I also love that these chews can be used regardless of the dog’s age so they’re ideal both as a preventative measure and a treatment for existing joint problems.

The Natural Dog Company chews are excellent if your dog is suffering from inflammation thanks to the green lipped mussels and they also contain other important ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin which strengthens the bones.

However, some reviewers state that the chews have caused side effects such as diarrhoea so it is worth monitoring your dog and, if you notice anything, speak to your vet.

Natural Dog Company - Hip & Joint Supplement with Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Salmon Oil, Promotes Mobility and Joint Pain, Chicken Liver & Turmeric Flavor, 90 Chews
  • ALL AGES WELCOME - Our Hip & Joint supplement works hard as a preventative for young puppies to keep bones strong, while promoting joint support and relief for mature dogs.
  • MAXIMUM BENEFIT WITH PurforMSM - In addition to relieving joint pain and stiffness, MSM's anti-inflammatory properties make it effective for treating digestive disorders, arthritis, eye problems, and chronic inflammatory diseases.
  • POWER TRIO - Glucosamine HCL, New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel, and Chondroitin Sulfate combine to provide inflammatory relief while strengthening bone health.
  • TAIL-WAGGING, DOG-APPROVED FLAVOR - Treat your furry companion to proper Hip and Joint health with flavorful Chicken Liver & Turmeric chewable - sure to make their tail wag!
  • MORE TO LOVE FROM YOUR FAVORITE PET BRAND - You know us and love us from our handmade, all-natural healing balms. Our supplements are produced in GMP-certified, FDA-registered facilities. Join us in giving your furry companion the healthiest, happiest life possible!

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Final Thoughts

Many dogs experience joint pain, stiffness and conditions like arthritis or hip dysplasia which can limit their movement. However, by using a dog joint supplement, you can improve the health of the joints and reduce effects like pain, giving your dog a more comfortable and enjoyable life.

Joint Supplements For Dogs FAQs

When should I start giving my dog joint supplements?

You can give joint supplements to your dog at any age. By starting them when your pet is younger, you lower the risk of them developing joint problems in the future. However, if your dog is older and you have started to notice joint problems then there’s no better time to start giving supplements.

How long does it take for dog joint supplements to work?

The time it takes for your dog’s joint supplements to work will vary between brands and between pets. However, generally speaking, it usually takes around four to eight weeks to see the full effect.

Can dogs have too many joint supplements?

It is possible for your dog to overdose on joint supplements and if this happens, you may notice symptoms like vomiting and diarrhoea. In most cases, these effects will wear off and no lasting harm will be done. However, if the supplement contains lead or vitamin D then this is a concern and you should contact your vet as a matter of urgency.

What time of day should glucosamine be taken?

It doesn’t matter what time of day you give your dog their joint supplements but it is best to do it at the same time each day. Where more than one tablet is required, these should be spread out over the course of the day.

What are the side effects of dog joint supplements?

Your dog may experience side effects when taking joint supplements which may include vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, excessive gas or a loss of appetite. If you are concerned then you should seek advice from your vet.


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