GINGERLEAD Dog Lift Harness Review

GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness Review

GINGERLEAD Dog Lifting Harness
GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness
Materials and Durability
What I Like
Comes in a range of sizes to suite all breeds
Padded for comfort
Easy to use
Easy to clean
Adjustable strap
Made from high quality and durable materials
What I Don't Like
Slightly more expensive that other brands
My Overall Rating
GingerLead Dog Lift Harness Dog Lift Harness Review


If your dog has recently had surgery, you may find that he struggles to get up and down stairs or make movements that are often taken for granted. But by using a support harness, your dog can make his recovery while still being able to get around as normal.

There are lots of harnesses on the market and I’ve spent some time reviewing several of them. While I’ve found lots of great products, I feel that the GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness with Stay on Straps is one of the better options for recovering from injury or surgery.

It’s incredibly supportive and offers stability and comfort for your dog as they move around, especially up steps or onto the couch.

I’ve been impressed by the features of this product and am keen to share them in this GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness with Stay on Straps.



Are Dog Sling’s Good for my Pets Health? – A Veterinary Professionals Perspective

Jason Haley - Veterinary Professional
Jason Haley – Veterinary Professional

As a veterinarian, I commonly see joint and mobility issues on a daily basis, especially in older dogs who have either undergone orthopaedic surgery or have developed arthritis. Dog slings are a great tool for pet owners as they help to easily offload excess weight bearing on their dogs’ joints, which significantly reduces pain. This helps to improve the quality of their dogs’ lives while also avoiding the need to carry their dogs everywhere, which can be very labour-intensive for the owner.

There are a wide range of conditions where a dog sling would be appropriate, for your convenience I have listed some below: 

  • Osteoarthritis – Joint inflammation and degeneration, typically associated with old age. 
  • Hip Dysplasia – When the femoral head luxates from the hip (acetabular region). 
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Patella Luxation – When the knee bone displaces, usually medially. 
  • Septic Arthritis – Infectious inflammation in the joint (typically bacterial) 
  • Bone Cancer/ Neoplasia – Typically Osteosarcoma.

Although a dog sling can significantly help to aid in supportive care for these conditions, it is important to note that they are not intended to be sole treatment, but can be used in conjunction with other treatment options. Please visit your vet for further advice on treatment. 

Features Of The GingerLead Dog Lift Harness

GingerLead Dog Lift Harness Features

After having looked at a lot of dog support harnesses and slings, one of the first things I noticed about the GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness with Stay on Straps was its price.

I won’t beat about the bush, this is one of the more expensive options out there but I think the cost is justified. If you’re looking for the utmost support for your pet then that’s something that you can’t put a price on. What’s more, with the excellent quality and range of features, there’s no getting away from the fact that the GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness with Stay on Straps is excellent value for money.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at its features and what to expect.

Materials And Durability

One of the first things I noticed about the GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness with Stay on Straps was how well made it is. And it’s not just me that’s spotted this. After reading several user reviews, it seems to be a resounding agreement in terms of manufacturing quality which is a really good start.

Not only is the quality excellent and the harness is extremely durable, thanks to its nylon material, but comfort is also a key factor. The inner part of the GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness with Stay on Straps is padded so it won’t cause irritation next to your dog’s skin. Since a lot of dog’s may be uneasy trying on a new harness, this added comfort makes it a much more pleasant experience for them.

Ease of Use

GingerLead Dog Lift Harness Key Features

The GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness with Stay on Straps is designed to work with the Gingerlead which can be left on your dog. The great benefit of this is that you’re not having to fiddle with buckles, clasps and straps every time you want to use it.

That said, attaching the GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness with Stay on Straps is very simple since it just wraps around your dog’s body and attaches to a harness around the shoulders using a simple clasp.

What’s more, the adjustable strap ensures comfort for you as well as your dog and this is done with a simple sliding buckle. On top of this, once the harness is in place, it won’t bunch or move so you can feel confident of its comfort and support.




GingerLead Dog Lift Harness Practicalities

As I have mentioned, the GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness with Stay on Straps is super easy to use. But on top of this, it’s also incredibly easy to care for. The harness can either be machine washed or wiped down with a damp cloth.

But what really stood out to me was the choice in sizes and designs. The GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness with Stay on Straps comes in sizes small to large and there’s even a design for tall dogs and one for mini breeds. What’s more, there are different designs for males and females to ensure maximum comfort and practical use.

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent range of sizes
  • Padded for comfort
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable height
  • Made from high quality and durable materials
  • Slightly more expensive that other brands


Is The GingerLead Dog Lift Harness Right For You?

GingerLead Dog Lift Harness Conclusion

The GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness with Stay on Straps has been favoured by vets time and time again so if you’re looking for something reliable then this is definitely a product worth considering.

This particular harness is designed primarily for surgical recovery and is ideal for dog’s who require additional support around the hips and back legs. However, it’s also a great choice for older dogs that may be suffering from conditions like arthritis or degenerative myelopathy.

If your dog struggles to use the stairs or needs extra support, then this extremely well-made harness is a great choice.

Where Should I Purchase the GingerLead Dog Lift Harness



GINGERLEAD Dog Rear Support Sling Harness, M/LG Unisex with Cutout Fits Male & Female Dogs. Padded Hip Lifting Aid Helps Old Pets Walk, K9s Recover from TPLO Surgery. Integrated Leash. Made in U.S.A.
  • FEATURES – No Bunching - Padded for Comfort - Integrated Leash - Cutout for Male Dogs - Adjustable for Height - Easy to Use - Soft Corduroy Lining - Includes Stay on Straps - CHEST HARNESS NOT INCLUDED
  • MACHINE WASHABLE AND DRYABLE – The superior quality and durability of the GingerLead is preserved after machine washing and drying. Proudly MADE IN U.S.A.
  • USED IN VETERINARY HOSPITALS - GingerLeads are used by veterinarians throughout the United States. Recommended for recovery from TPLO / cruciate, hip or back surgery, physical therapy, to assist senior dogs suffering from arthritis, degenerative myelopathy or vestibular disease, and disabled pets needing help with mobility or balance.
  • SIZING - Typically fits FEMALE dogs over 45 lbs and MALE dogs over 60 lbs. Support pad is 5.5" wide (at the cutout) x 22.5" long. Sling length adjusts from 38" - 60" long. Please measure to ensure the proper fit. The cutout in the support pad accommodates most large to giant breed male dogs as well as medium to large size female dogs.
  • OUR INSPIRATION – The experiences helping our 6 month old Golden Retriever puppy, Ginger, recover from reconstructive hip surgery for severe hip dysplasia, then knee surgery a few years later, was the inspiration for our patented design. The GingerLead harness was a lifesaver again when Ginger was old and needed help up and down stairs, and out for walks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a dog lift harness?

A dog lift harness is designed to help dogs with decreased mobility get around. They can be used for senior dogs, dogs with physical conditions like hip dysplasia and arthritis or for dogs that are recovering from injuries or surgery.

How can I train my dog to use a lift harness?

Some dogs may not instantly take to wearing a lift harness and that’s pretty normal. It’s important to allow your dog to become familiar with the harness by using his sense of smell and touch. Allow your dog to explore the harness before attempting to put it on. When he is ready, try the harness on for a short time and don’t forget to offer plenty of rewards for desired behaviour. If your dog seems to be uncomfortable at any point, take a step back and try again at a later date.

What’s the right size lift harness for my dog?

Lift harnesses come in a variety of sizes suitable for most breeds. It is important to choose the correct size to ensure your dog’s comfort and the safe use of the harness. Different manufacturers may size their harnesses in various ways so it’s always important to check the size chart and compare this with your dog’s measurements.

What’s the most important thing to look for in a dog lift harness?

There are several important things to consider when choosing a dog lift harness but comfort and safety are among the most crucial. Be sure to choose a harness that fits well and offers durability so there’s no risk of it breaking whilst in use. Moreover, soft materials will feel comfortable on your dog’s skin and will prevent chafing or irritation.

How do you lift a disabled dog?

There are various ways to lift a disabled dog including slings and harnesses. These are ideal for temporary conditions or dogs that still have some mobility. However, for completely immobile dogs, a dog stretcher might be a better option when moving your pet from one place to another.

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