Neekor Dog Pet Steps Review

Neekor Pet Steps / Stairs Review

Neekor Pet Steps
Materials and Durability
What I Like
Good quality & affordable
Non-slip base
Contains built in storage
2, 3 & 4 steps available
Easy to put together
Very sturdy compared to foam steps
Easy to care for, soft cover
What I Don't Like
Cannot be folded down easily and quickly for reduced storage
Maximum load-bearing capacity 30kg.
Only grey colour available
My Overall Rating

Neekor Dog Steps Review
Having gone in search of some of the best dog steps and stairs for my pet pooch, I wanted to review some of what I found. I was very pleased with the Neekor pet stairs and while they seemed to be a bit flimsy at first, once everything was fixed together, they’re a surprisingly stable and strong set of pet stairs.

I was impressed at the affordability of the steps compared to some others, especially when you consider the number of features; a non-slip base, storage space, and the ability to adapt the steps to your pet’s needs.

All in all, I’ve been very happy and the low step between each stair has made getting up onto the sofa and bed a lot easier for little Lilly. If you want to know more, keep reading as I’ll give you my full review and video of the Neekor pet stairs.


  • Prevent injuries, hernias and stress on your dog’s joints.
  • Ideal for small to medium sized dogs or older pets with joint problems.
  • Doubles as a storage solution.
  • Soft material is comfortable for your dog.
  • The steps have a nice aesthetic meaning they’ll easily fit in with your decor.
  • The steps are customisable coming in three separate pieces.
  • The steps are easy to move from room to room.

Neekor Pet Steps Design

The Neekor pet stairs are a multipurpose set of steps that come in three parts. Each step is stable and solid and has a lid which you can open to store things like blankets, pet toys and other bits and bobs.


You get three steps, one at 10 cm, one at 20 cm and the highest one at 30 cm. This allows you to adapt the steps to your pet’s needs. You will need to assemble them but if your couch is slightly lower, this does give you the option to remove the bottom step if it isn’t needed. There is also a 4 step version of these pets steps that takes the height up to 40cm. If you have limited room in front of your sofa or bed, then there is a two step version available that has the same height as the these 3 steps (30cm) but has a shorter length of just 60cm as opposed to 75cm. Just remember with the 2 step version, the height of each step is significantly increased.


Each step has a 40 cm width which gives your pet plenty of room to sit on each one, if they want to. You’ll see from my YouTube video that my dog had lots of space which also means there’s no risk of her sliding off the side, especially considering her poor eyesight.


Neekor Dog Steps Shape

The design of the Neekor steps is very blocky. If your pet struggles to lift his or her front legs due to shoulder pain then you might be better off choosing a ramp/stair hybrid like the ZNM dog steps I reviewed here. However, if you’re looking for steps to prevent problems, the small step up will help with this.

I’d also urge you to consider that the overall length of the steps once they are put together is 75cm so you will need to make sure you have space and that there’s enough clearance at the bottom for your dog. As mentioned above, the 2 step version has the same 30cm height, but is 15cm shorter in length at 60cm.

You can see from my video review and demonstration below, that my 10 year old Maltese found the steps more challenging than that of the foam steps with curved steps. This is not to say that your pet may prefer the level, more defined steps found on these.



Neekor Pet Steps Materials and Durability

Neekor Dog Steps Durability

One of the things that I’d read time and again in the Neekor pet stairs reviews was that the material was really easy to care for. That’s largely because the cover washable so it’s simple to keep clean, although they cannot be removed for machine washing. What’s more, it won’t get dirty easily as the material is both waterproof and dirt resistant.

I also noticed how soft the cover was which is a treat for any dog, especially if they sit on the steps. The inside of the lid for each step is made from a high elastic sponge. Now while this does feel really comfortable underfoot, it might not offer the same level of support as something like high density foam.

The inner part of the steps is made from wooden board (which you’ll need to construct) and offers a really stable feel. At first, I did think it felt a bit flimsy but once I had put it together, it feels very solid. Take a look at my video review below where I demonstrate the simple assembly process of these Neekor Pet Steps.


Neekor Dog Steps Practicalities

The most obvious thing that sets these steps apart from many others is the option for storage. If your dog is anything like mine, it’ll have so many accessories, you don’t know what to do with them all. But now, you’ve got somewhere to keep them.

I like the fact that the stairs can hold up to 60 lbs (30 kg) in weight so they’re suitable for most small breeds. Plus, the steps themselves weigh just over 3 kg so they’re very easy to move around the home.

The only problem I really had was that they’re not very easy to store. In the event you want to put them away, you’ll need to dismantle them entirely. This is hardly rocket science but it’s much more time consuming than a set of folding steps and perhaps something to consider if you only need stairs for a short time.

The base of the Neekor pet stairs is non-slip so you can use them on tiled or wooden floors without the worry of them moving about. I tested just how non-slip these steps really are, and this can be seen in my video review below.

Pros and Cons

  • Good quality & affordable steps
  • Non-slip base
  • Contains built in storage
  • 2, 3 & 4 steps available
  • Easy to put together
  • Very sturdy compared to foam steps
  • Easy to care for, soft cover
  • Cannot be folded down easily and quickly for reduced storage
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity 30kg
  • Only grey colour available


Neekor Pet Steps Video Review

To see these pet steps from Neekor in action, see my detailed video review below.

Where Should I Purchase the Neekor Pet Steps



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I would recommend the Neekor pet stairs for smaller dog breeds that struggle to jump up onto a sofa, bed or other surface. Using these steps will reduce the likelihood of conditions like hip dysplasia and arthritis later in life.

However, if your older dog already suffers with these kinds of conditions, these pet stairs are ideal for taking some of the stress off their joints.

You could even use the Neekor pet stairs for cats, they’re certainly not limited to our canine companions.

A Veterinary Perspective

Jason Haley 4th year Vet Student stated –

A Veterinary Perspective OF Pet Steps

“Pet steps are a great household addition for any potential pet owner looking to maximise the health and welfare of their animal.

I would highly recommend considering Pet Steps for older age / geriatric pets and those suffering from various joint conditions. Conditions such as OA (osteoarthritis), elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia are all too common in our older furry friends, especially in large / giant breed dogs.  The benefit of pet steps for these patients is that they reduce the strain and pressure placed upon joints from jumping up / down from sofas / beds etc. Pet steps (although not treating the condition) will not only assist in preventing further joint degeneration (from reduced jumping), but also help to keep your pet as comfortable as possible, providing pain free alternative to reach their favourite areas in the house.

Another recommendation for pet steps would be for smaller pets (toy breed dogs / cats etc). Having pet steps present will discourage your pet from jumping from high surfaces and potentially causing self trauma / limb fractures, something all too commonly seen in Veterinary Practice. In these cases pet steps can act as a preventative measure for injury, something which is always advocated over cure in Veterinary medicine. Pet steps will not only keep your pets safe, but also reduce the potentially high veterinary bills by preventing injury in the first instance.”


Neekor Dog Steps Conclusion

When I was shopping for pet stairs, I had heard good things about the Neekor steps so I had to try them. They worked really well for my Maltese dog Lilly and I’m sure they’d be a welcome addition to any home with a small breed or an older dog that’s finding getting up and down more challenging.

One of the best things about these stairs is how solid and stable they are. There is some assembly required, but it’s very simple (see video above) and there’s no waiting around for days for the steps to expand, which is the case if you buy foam steps.

The Neekor pet stairs are super easy to care for and have washable covers that repel dirt. Plus, the fact that they have a pleasing design doesn’t go unnoticed.



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