PetSafe CareLift Support Harness Review UK

PetSafe CareLift Support Harness Review

PetSafe CareLift Support Harness Review
PetSafe CareLift Support Harness Review
Materials and Durability
What I Like
Ideal for medium to large dogs.
Good amount of padding for comfort.
Adjustable size suitable for a range of dog breeds
Suitable for male and female dogs.
Adjustable strap.
Provides even support.
Machine washable.
What I Don't Like
Leg straps tend to come undone.
Can be tricky to put on.
My Overall Rating
PetSafe CareLift Support Harness Review

An Introduction To The PetSafe CareLift Support Harness

If you have a medium to large breed of dog that is struggling with mobility then the PetSafe CareLift Support Harness may make getting around easier for your pet. This is a high end, excellent quality harness designed to give your dog comfortable support and allows you to lift his entire body when accessing a vehicle, using the stairs or generally getting around.

I previously looked at the SixMill dog sling which is great for smaller dogs and temporary use but I feel that the PetSafe CareLift Support Harness is perfect if your dog has a more permanent condition.

The PetSafe CareLift Support Harness has some great features and is designed to be of the utmost comfort for your pet. In this PetSafe CareLift Support Harness review, I’ll help you figure out whether this is the right harness for your dog.



Are Dog Sling’s Good for my Pets Health? – A Veterinary Professionals Perspective

Jason Haley - Veterinary Professional

As a veterinarian, I commonly see joint and mobility issues on a daily basis, especially in older dogs who have either undergone orthopedic surgery or have developed arthritis. Dog slings are a great tool for pet owners as they help to easily offload excess weight bearing on their dogs’ joints, which significantly reduces pain. This helps to improve the quality of their dogs’ lives while also avoiding the need to carry their dogs everywhere, which can be very labor-intensive for the owner.

There are a wide range of conditions where a dog sling would be appropriate, for your convenience I have listed some below: 

  • Osteoarthritis – Joint inflammation and degeneration, typically associated with old age. 
  • Hip Dysplasia – When the femoral head luxates from the hip (acetabular region). 
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Patella Luxation – When the knee bone displaces, usually medially. 
  • Septic Arthritis – Infectious inflammation in the joint (typically bacterial) 
  • Bone Cancer/ Neoplasia – Typically Osteosarcoma.

Although a dog sling can significantly help to aid in supportive care for these conditions, it is important to note that they are not intended to be sole treatment, but can be used in conjunction with other treatment options. Please visit your vet for further advice on treatment. 

Features Of The PetSafe CareLift Support Harness

PetSafe CareLift Support Harness Features

As I touched upon in my introduction, the PetSafe CareLift Support Harness has a good range of features that make it ideal for long term use. It’s incredibly supportive and comfortable for your dog and has user friendly handles to ensure you’re able to comfortably lift and support your pet. Let’s take a closer look at what to expect.

Materials And Durability

The PetSafe CareLift Support Harness is made primarily from nylon which is an incredibly strong material so there are no concerns over the durability of the product. Along the inner side of the harness, there is a good amount of padding which will prevent it from rubbing or digging into your dog’s skin.

The liner is made from a mesh material so it keeps the harness breathable meaning your dog won’t get uncomfortable in hot weather.

The handle, which you use to lift your dog, is made from rubber which allows you to get a secure and comfortable grip. Again, this is essential for the safe use of the harness.

On the underside of the harness, there is a removable section. This is designed to be left in place for male dogs to offer protection to their sensitive parts but can be easily removed when using the harness with a female. However, I did see one user review stating that this section was too tight for their dog and caused him to urinate on himself. So, I would suggest testing this first and making a decision based on the unique shape of your pet.

Ease of Use

PetSafe CareLift Support Harness Key Features

One of the things I really like about the PetSafe CareLift Support Harness is that it offers various ways to lift your dog. As a whole, the harness is designed to evenly distribute your dog’s weight and lift him from the chest, waist and hips which means excellent support over the whole body.

However, the harness can be split and used either on the rear or front of the body, according to your pet’s individual needs.

Looking at the instructions on how to fit and secure the harness, I did notice that it wasn’t the easiest process and may take some getting used to. However, once you’ve figured it out, it’ll likely become simpler but it’s worth keeping in mind that you may need some time to play around with the harness and get to grips with it.

I have seen some harnesses whose straps are incredibly long and this can make it more challenging (and less safe) to lift the dog. But with the PetSafe CareLift Support Harness, the handle remains very close to the body of the harness, making it very easy to use. What’s more, the handle is made from textured rubber which allows you to get a firm and secure grip.




PetSafe CareLift Support Harness Practicalities

The PetSafe CareLift Support Harness is designed for medium to large dogs and, as such, comes in a choice of sizes. It’s really important to choose the right size for your dog but keep in mind that the maximum recommended weight for this harness is 59 kg.

I like that the strap is adjustable so, while there are measurement recommendations for each of the sizes, there is a good degree of flexibility. For example, using the adjustable strap, the large size can be used for dogs with a waist measurement between 68 and 94 cm and a chest measurement between79 and 117 cm.

What’s also great about the PetSafe CareLift Support Harness is that when the pieces are used together, you can leave it on your dog all day. This makes life a lot easier as you won’t need to keep messing with the fiddly process to get it on and off. However, it is worth noting that the manufacturer recommends removing the harness after each use if you are only going to be using the rear part.

One thing I did pick up on when looking at user reviews was that the harness has a tendency to come undone by itself. While this isn’t something that happens all the time, it is worth keeping in mind because it could impact the safe use of the PetSafe CareLift Support Harness. Before lifting your dog, I would recommend checking that everything is secure.

We all know that dogs can be messy at times but that won’t be a problem when using the PetSafe CareLift Support Harness since it’s completely machine washable.

Pros and Cons

  • Ideal for medium to large dogs.
  • Good amount of padding for comfort.
  • Suitable for male and female dogs.
  • Adjustable strap.
  • Provides even support.
  • Machine washable,.
  • Leg straps tend to come undone.
  • Can be tricky to put on.


Is The PetSafe CareLift Support Harness Right For You?

PetSafe CareLift Support Harness Conclusion

If you’re looking for a harness that’s going to offer full and secure support for your medium to large dog then I would recommend the PetSafe CareLift Support Harness.

For dogs that need constant support when moving around, the fact that the PetSafe CareLift Support Harness can be left on all day makes life so much easier.

What’s more, since this harness is designed for comfort and durability, I think it makes an excellent choice for dogs with ongoing or long term physical health conditions.

Where Should I Purchase the PetSafe CareLift Support Harness



PetSafe CareLift Support Harness - Full Body Lifting Aid with Handle & Shoulder Strap - Great for Pet Mobility & Older Dogs to Help Them Up - Comfortable, Breathable Material,Medium,Black
  • FULL BODY SUPPORT: Give your dog the full body support he needs whether he's getting older, recovering from surgery or disabled
  • SAFELY ASSIST YOUR PET: Support handles allow you to lift your dog easily; use the lifting leash extender to reduce strain on your back when helping your dog
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZING: The harness easily adjusts so you can get the best fit for your dog's needs; make sure to check the size chart to find the best fit for your four legged friend
  • MOBILITY: Full body harness allows you to help your best friend get in and out of the car, go for a walk or takepotty breaks
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Slings – Revised

What is the purpose of a dog support harness?

A dog harness is designed for dogs with limited mobility which could be caused by various factors including old age, hip dysplasia, arthritis, injuries or surgery recovery.

Can I use a dog lift harness for any dog?

Harnesses are suitable for most dogs but it is important to buy the correct size to ensure it offers safe and stable support. In some cases, a harness may not be suitable but your vet will discuss alternative options with you.

My dog won’t let me put on the harness, what should I do?

Sometimes, dogs won’t like having a harness on because it’s something unfamiliar to them. The best way to tackle this problem is through training and rewards. You should start by allowing the dog to explore the harness through touch and sniffing. Once your dog is comfortable, try the harness on for a short period and gradually extend the time he wears until before attempting to lift him. If your dog seems upset or distressed, take it back a step and give him the time he needs to adjust to the new equipment.

How long should you use a dog harness for?

A dog lift harness is designed to be used with dogs that are struggling with mobility. As long as the harness is not causing distress or further problems, you can use it for as long as required.

Are dog harnesses easy to use?

Different harnesses come with different designs and you may find one easier to use than another. Look for a harness that’s easy to put on and remains secure for added safety.

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