PiuPet® Pet Ramp Review

PiuPet® Dog Ramp Review

PiuPet® Dog Ramp Review
PiuPet® Dog Ramp
Materials and Durability
What I Like
Very sturdy design and well-made pet ramp
Great space saver when not in use
Made from easy to care for materials
Doesn’t scratch car
Wider than average at 49.3cm
What I Don't Like
Too wide for most car side doors
Not suitable for very large breeds as weight limit is 80 kg
My Overall Rating
PiuPet® Pet Ramp Review

I’ve been testing some ramps for my dog to use to access the boot of the car recently. Many of these have been an actual ramp but the PiuPet® Dog Ramp is a set of steps that is ideal for many different breeds.

What I like about the PiuPet® Dog Ramp is that it’s adjustable. Some dogs don’t like the idea of going up steps but with the option to elongate the ramp, you get a gentler incline. This wasn’t the only feature that impressed me and I’ll talk more about what to expect in this PiuPet® Dog Ramp review.

I also wanted to point out that I found a lot of information about PiuPet® online and really like the idea of supporting a small business. It seems that the brand has been set up by a small group of young pet lovers with a passion for creating useful solutions. I have to say that they’ve gone above and beyond in the creation of the PiuPet® Dog Ramp so hats off!

Using a set of steps like the PiuPet® Dog Ramp ensures that your dog is comfortably able to get in and out of the car. For younger dogs, this ensures their physical health remains in tip top condition and will help to prevent things like arthritis and hip dysplasia in later life. But even if your dog is already suffering from these kinds of ailments, the PiuPet® Dog Ramp will make it more comfortable and painless when your dog has to get into the car as there will be no strain on the joints from jumping.


  • Prevents joint problems in later life
  • Makes getting in and out of the vehicle less of a challenge for older or disabled dogs
  • Really easy to use
  • Folds down and doesn’t take up a lot of space in the boot


The PiuPet® Dog Ramp is an adjustable pet ramp that can be used as a full set of stairs or something with a smaller incline. It’s suitable for use with all kinds of vehicles including SUVs.

The ramp consists of four steps which have a good-sized surface area so your dog will feel secure when using each one.


The height of the PiuPet® Dog Ramp depends on how you set it up. When it’s used as a full set of steps, the maximum height is 76 cm. This might be suitable if you have a larger vehicle whose boot is a little higher.

However, since this is an adjustable ramp, there is the option to lessen the incline, meaning that the top of the ramp is just 56 cm from the ground. I love this kind of versatility especially if there is more than one vehicle in your household that your dog uses.




One of the things that really stood out to me about the PiuPet® Dog Ramp was the width of each step. I’ve seen some that are only around 40 cm wide and this is not good if you have a larger dog. Even for smaller dogs, that width can be restricting and could even make the animal feel unsafe, therefore discouraging them from using the ramp.

However, the PiuPet® Dog Ramp has a width of 49.3 cm so it’s far wider than average. I’d recommend this for all types of dogs, especially those that feel a little apprehensive about the ramp.

That said, you should keep in mind that this width does make it difficult to use the PiuPet® Dog Ramp with the side car doors as it’s just too big. If you’re looking for a boot ramp then this is ideal but if you want something for the side doors, you’ll need to go with something narrower.

Materials and Durability

PiuPet® Pet Ramp Materials and Durability

When I learned that the PiuPet® Dog Ramp frame was made from PVC, I did wonder whether it would have the robustness and stability of a metal frame. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised since this is one of the most sturdy pet ramps I’ve looked at to date. Plus, it’s so much more affordable.

I’ve noticed with some dog ramps that there’s nothing to stop the frame from hitting the car and causes scratches or damage. But they’ve not missed a trick when creating the PiuPet® Dog Ramp which has rubber covers over the hinges and foam around the frame. It’s not going to do any damage to your vehicle!

The steps are made from PVC as well which means they’re incredibly easy to keep clean.


The weight limit for the PiuPet® Dog Ramp is 80 kg. This is going to be suitable for most dogs but if you have a very large breed then you might want to go for something that’ll better accommodate your pet such as the Hewitt and Blue pet ramp that holds up  to 110 kg.

I liked how easy the PiuPet® Dog Ramp was to put up and take down. I’ve tried some ramps that are pretty fiddly so it was a breath of fresh air to use this one. When you’re done using it, the whole thing collapses, accordion style and can be stored in the boot of the car without taking up much space.

When I compared the folded size to that of some of the telescopic ramps I’ve tried, the difference is very obvious.

I was also happy to see that the PiuPet® Dog Ramp comes with a carry bag which offers protection when the ramp is not in use. Plus, if you need to move it around, it only weighs 4.97 kg so it’s one of the more lightweight options on the market.

PiuPet® Pet Ramp Pros and Cons

  • Very sturdy design and well-made pet ramp
  • Great space saver when not in use
  • Made from easy to care for materials
  • Doesn’t scratch car
  • Wider than average at 49.3cm
  • Too wide for most car side doors
  • Not suitable for very large breeds as weight limit is 80 kg


Where Should I Purchase the PiuPet® Ramp



PiuPet® Dog Steps I Loadable up to 80kg Car Ramps I Usable All Vehicles I Large and Small Dogs I Black I Dog Ramps for Cars Foldable I Car Ramp for Dogs | Water Repellent & Easy to Clean Dog Car Ramp
  • PERFECT LOADING ASSISTANCE - The pet ramp and pet steps is the perfect solution for sick dogs and old pets whose bodies show the first signs of mobility problems. Optimal help for joint and back problems of dogs and their owners. Ideal as pet stairs, dachshund ramp or any small breed needing assistance.
  • MAXIMUM FUNCTIONALITY AND SAFETY - The steps of the dog ramp provide a large surface and sufficient stability to give your dog a safe feeling. More safety for you and your pet when entering and leaving the car boot. Also serves as a dog car guard to prevent accidents. Perfect as stairs & steps for dogs and dog steps for car.
  • HIGH QUALITY PROCESSING AND MATERIAL QUALITY - The PVC material of the dog car steps is easy to clean (and water repellent). The double reinforcement of the dog car ramp makes the staircase suitable for older dogs and pets up to 80 kg and is also ideal as dog ramps for large dog or dog ramps for small dogs. Perfect for pets needing ramps for steps. Also serves as a cat ramp when needed.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION - The loading ramps are suitable for all types of cars thanks to its height-adjustable mechanism. Both for cars and SUVs, the inclination of the dog stairs adapts perfectly to your needs. It serves as a dog step for easy access and car door step for convenience.
  • CONVENIENT AND SPACE-SAVING - Compared to common car dog guard, the PIUPET folding dog ramp for car takes up very little space and is easy to store with a weight of 5 kg including a bag. Great for pet ramps for dogs and dog car ramp for large dogs folding.

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Who Is This Ramp Suitable For

The PiuPet® Dog Ramp is a great and versatile piece of equipment that is ideal for pretty much any dog owner.

It can be used with all vehicles including larger SUVs thanks to the adjustability feature. What’s more, with a high weight capacity, the PiuPet® Dog Ramp is suitable for a wide range of breeds. Although very large dogs may be too heavy for the ramp so it’s important to check your dog’s weight before use to ensure safety.

For owners that are looking for a way to make it less painful for their older dog to get into the car, the PiuPet® Dog Ramp is a great solution. However, since it’ll take a lot of stress off the joints, I’d also recommend it for younger dogs as a way of preventing future physical health problems.

A Veterinary Perspective

Jason Haley 4th year Vet Student stated –

A Veterinary Perspective OF Pet Steps

“Pet steps are a great household addition for any potential pet owner looking to maximise the health and welfare of their animal.

I would highly recommend considering Pet Steps for older age / geriatric pets and those suffering from various joint conditions. Conditions such as OA (osteoarthritis), elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia are all too common in our older furry friends, especially in large / giant breed dogs.  The benefit of pet steps for these patients is that they reduce the strain and pressure placed upon joints from jumping up / down from sofas / beds etc. Pet steps (although not treating the condition) will not only assist in preventing further joint degeneration (from reduced jumping), but also help to keep your pet as comfortable as possible, providing pain free alternative to reach their favourite areas in the house.

Another recommendation for pet steps would be for smaller pets (toy breed dogs / cats etc). Having pet steps present will discourage your pet from jumping from high surfaces and potentially causing self trauma / limb fractures, something all too commonly seen in Veterinary Practice. In these cases pet steps can act as a preventative measure for injury, something which is always advocated over cure in Veterinary medicine. Pet steps will not only keep your pets safe, but also reduce the potentially high veterinary bills by preventing injury in the first instance.”

Final Thoughts

PiuPet® Pet Ramp Conclusion

For dogs that struggle to get in and out of the car, the PiuPet® Dog Ramp offers an excellent solution. It’s one of the easiest pet ramps to use as far as I can see and is lightweight and compact when folded.

There are plenty of nice features on the PiuPet® Dog Ramp including a reinforced frame that’s got protective rubber and foam covers so it doesn’t scratch your car. The weight limit makes it ideal for various breeds and the carry bag offers protection when not in use.

There really isn’t much I could say that puts the PiuPet® Dog Ramp in a bad light. OK, it’s not suitable for the very largest breeds, but in the main, it’s brilliantly versatile.



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