Trixie Pet Ramp Review

Trixie Pet Ramp Review

Trixie Pet Ramp Review
Trixie Pet Ramp
Materials and Durability
What I Like
Very stable and supportive
Raised sides for additional safety
Up to 90 kg weight limit
Anti slip wipeable surface
Easy to unfold and secure
Easy to clean and maintain
What I Don't Like
Hook that holds it together when folded isn’t very secure
Could be a little narrow for some larger dogs
My Overall Rating
Trixie Pet Ramp Review

Finding a pet ramp that’s easy to use and convenient can be tricky. I’ve seen some that require two people to take the ramp up and down which is hardly ideal. This is why I was keen to try the Trixie pet ramp as I’d heard reports that it was one of the easier to put up by yourself.

But this wasn’t the only good thing I’d heard about this pet ramp, so I wanted to put it to the test with my dog Lilly. She’s getting old now and finds it hard to get in and out of the car, especially with her poor eyesight. So, we gave this product a try and I’ve included all the most relevant information in my Trixie pet ramp review.

Trixie Pet Ramp Advantages

  • Affordable yet high quality dog ramp
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds up to 90 kg
  • Folds in half for easy storage and transportation
  • Comes with safety rails


Trixie Pet Ramp Design

One of the things that really caught my attention about the Trixie pet ramp were the raised sides. This isn’t something you see on all pet ramps and it’s a nice little addition in terms of safety. No, they’re not going to prevent the dog from falling off, but these safety rails do act as a guide for your pet.

I did find one issue with the design that makes the Trixie ramp a little more difficult to use than it should be, and this was being able to tell the difference between the two ends. There’s no clear marking on which is the base and which bit should be at the top. However, using something like a sticker solves this problem so it’s certainly not a deal breaker.


The Trixie pet ramp has an overall length of 155 cm when it is unfolded. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of vehicles, although I have seen some Range Rover Discovery owners talking about how the ramp can be quite steep due to the high tailgate. However, it really depends on your dog and how comfortable they are going up and down. That said, I’d always recommend erring on the side of caution because safety is the most important thing and there are longer ramps out there.




With a width of 38 cm, I feel as though the Trixie pet ramp is a little narrow. It’s ok for my Maltese as she’s pretty small but for large breeds, it might be a little restrictive. I feel that the manufacturer could have made the ramp a little wider considering the weight limit is suitable for large breeds like the Great Dane.

Materials and Durability

Trixie Pet Ramp Materials and Durability

The Trixie pet ramp is an incredibly solid piece of equipment and one of the most stable ramps I’ve come across. That surprised me since it’s made from plastic which one wouldn’t think would be as stable as something like metal but even when used by a larger dog, it doesn’t bow.

On top of this, the plastic is beautifully easy to clean; it’s merely a matter of wiping it over with a damp cloth.

The ramp is covered with an anti-slip coating which is perfect for safety. However, I should point out that I’ve seen a few people commenting that their large, old dogs still find it a little slippery since they’re less agile.


This was certainly the case when compared to other pet ramps, but I won’t deny that it would be easier if there are two of you. That said, the ramp is far more lightweight than the Pet Gear ramp which is well over 6.8 kg. The Trixie pet ramp weighs just four and a half kilos so it’s much more manageable for most adults.

What’s more, despite being lighter, the Trixie pet ramp still has the same weight capacity as the aforementioned Pet Gear ramp of 90kg. This makes it suitable for a variety of dog breeds including larger ones.

The one thing that I did notice is that there is only a single hook to keep the ramp together when it’s folded in two. It’s not the end of the world but I do feel that it could be more secure.

Trixie Pet Ramp Pros and Cons

  • Very stable and supportive
  • Raised sides for additional safety
  • Up to 90 kg weight limit
  • Anti slip wipeable surface
  • Easy to unfold and secure
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Hook that holds it together when folded isn’t very secure
  • Could be a little narrow for some larger dogs


Where Should I Purchase the Trixie Ramp



Trixie Pet Ramp, Black, 40 × 156 cm
  • Anti-slip coating and safety rails on the side
  • Protects the joints of the pet
  • Highly recommendable in cases of arthritis and arthritis
  • Model number: 3939

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Who Is This Ramp Suitable For

The manufacturer states that the Trixie pet ramp is suitable for all stages of a dog’s life and I have to agree. It’s a great way to prevent joint problems in younger dogs and will make getting in and out of the vehicle easier for older dogs whose joints are already causing them difficulty.

This is also a great ramp because of how versatile it is. My small dog had no problems using it but even if you’re taking care of a larger breed, the Trixie pet ramp would be ideal.

A Veterinary Perspective

Jason Haley 4th year Vet Student stated –

A Veterinary Perspective OF Pet Steps

“Pet steps are a great household addition for any potential pet owner looking to maximise the health and welfare of their animal.

I would highly recommend considering Pet Steps for older age / geriatric pets and those suffering from various joint conditions. Conditions such as OA (osteoarthritis), elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia are all too common in our older furry friends, especially in large / giant breed dogs.  The benefit of pet steps for these patients is that they reduce the strain and pressure placed upon joints from jumping up / down from sofas / beds etc. Pet steps (although not treating the condition) will not only assist in preventing further joint degeneration (from reduced jumping), but also help to keep your pet as comfortable as possible, providing pain free alternative to reach their favourite areas in the house.

Another recommendation for pet steps would be for smaller pets (toy breed dogs / cats etc). Having pet steps present will discourage your pet from jumping from high surfaces and potentially causing self trauma / limb fractures, something all too commonly seen in Veterinary Practice. In these cases pet steps can act as a preventative measure for injury, something which is always advocated over cure in Veterinary medicine. Pet steps will not only keep your pets safe, but also reduce the potentially high veterinary bills by preventing injury in the first instance.”

Final Thoughts

Trixie Pet Ramp Conclusion

Having looked at several pet ramps, I’m feeling pretty confident that the Trixie pet ramp is up there with the very best. There are a couple of minor issues, but these wouldn’t be enough to put me off using this as a permanent aid for my dog.

This is one of the most stable and solid dog ramps I’ve ever come across and what’s more, it’s really affordable. The design is brilliant with intricacies like the raised sides that you don’t get on every ramp.

If anyone were to ask me whether I’d recommend this dog ramp, the answer would be one of the easiest yeses I’ve ever given.



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